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Big App Lab has a diverse history with developing both consumer and enterprise applications. All of our apps bear the hallmark of our user-centric design. We are a full-service partner and we can lend our expertise and direction to any step of an app’s design and development process.


Our services include:


You share your vision with us, and we’ll share our expertise. Together, we can refine your mobile app’s big picture, setting the foundation upon which it will be built.


Once the big picture is set, we go to work examining how your mobile app will function in the marketplace.We also examine the app’s target demographic, potential return on investment, and monetization strategy. In this phase, we’ll work with you to refine the concept, and to ensure your app is set up for success.


Before beginning development, we design rich and detailed prototypes, which will allow us to understand the experience your users are going to have. Using these prototypes, we map out the rest of the process and create a project scope and timeline for development.


With a solid plan in place, development is a breeze. We’ll keep you apprised every step of the way as our expert software developers do what they do best.


Your app needs to work the way it was intended from day one, with no compromises. Big App Lab is experienced at performing extensive testing with both internal and external test users. We will push your app to the limit, and we strive to uncover and repair any glitches, bottlenecks, or crashes that may be present.


Release and marketing

At Big App Lab, we bring decades of business experience spanning several different industries. Our team of experts knows what it takes to draw users to your mobile application. Whatever opportunities exist, we will find and seize them.

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Big App Lab is a full-service partner and industry leader in mobile technology. We offer consulting, design, development, and marketing services for mobile applications from start to finish. To find out more, contact Big App Lab today.



We are always interested in collaborating with creative minds and creating new partnerships. If you are interested in partnering with us, we would love to hear from you. Let’s change the digital world together.

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